Joyce has always been a storyteller, wanderer, and nature lover! With her background in holistic health (since 2001), she writes about embracing your wildness, seeking contentment, and creating wellbeing through nature and adventure. She also loves to write fantastical little stories, which you can find in the children's books she and Luke create together, along with fun journals and stickers. She also blogs on Medium.

Luke is an artist/illustrator, nature adventurer, and avid boulderer! He has been drawing since childhood and has spent many years dabbling in creative endeavors such as book illustrating, logo design, app design, and marketing campaigns. His children's books are filled with delightful, colorful illustrations and his stickers and journals have been a hit with other nature adventurers! He has also worked in holistic health since 2007.

You can find their creations on Etsy or through their Amazon bookstore. You can also connect with them on Instagram or Facebook to follow along on their adventures, share in the stories, and learn more about wellbeing!

Joyce Cain & Luke Cain, wellbeing coaches/guides, writer, artist/illustrator, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park
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